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International Research

International Business Division (IBD) is a specialised division for serving the needs of our global clients for market research and support services. With offices in India, Singapore and USA, we conduct research projects in Asia Pacific, Americas, Middle East and Africa regions.

IBD Differentiators

  • Specialised teams for global project management with expertise in international standards and practices.
  • Exclusive research teams for qualitative and quantitative projects.
  • Expertise in innovative research methods, use of technology in research data collection and insights delivery.
  • Track record of delivering high quality research – faster and actionable results at reasonable price!
  • Most importantly it allows a part of the interview to be voice recorded
  • Researchers who understand geographical challenges, social and cultural nuances, are able to support clients with local insights.
  • Servicing clients in their time zone.
Services Offering

Full Service Research and support services - Research Design, Research instruments development, Data Collection (Off-line & On-line), Data Processing & Analysis, Open-end coding, Charting, Results Interpretation & Reporting and Global project management.


Has strong local partner networks across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, North America and South America.

Hansa Research

Methodolgy Expertise